Production Planning and Controlling

Production Planning and Control is a predetermined process that plans, manages, control the allocation of human resource, goods, and try to gain the maximum efficiency of the work. Production Planning is the process to plan a chain of operation that supports the manufacturers to be at the right place, at the right time so that can get maximum efficiency in the production resource.

With Delight ERP’s powerful production planning and control software feature, production planners or buyers can schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on different criteria. Proper planning empowers manufacturers to work smarter and optimize their production processes in the best possible manner.

The Delight ERP system is designed as a well-organized manufacturing process, with the elimination of bottleneck and waste, and experience user-friendly production planning and control system.

This Delight ERP feature can be used in the production planning and control for the manufacturing company, pharmaceutical, textile, garment, automobile, and for many other industries or companies. Using these Features of the Delight ERP system it becomes easy for planning and controlling of products.

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