FMCG distribution software

FMCG stands for fast-moving consumer goods. FMCG are items that sell quickly and for a low price. Supermarkets, department stores, and supermarkets all struggle to keep up with data of the fast-moving consumer products (FMCG). That is why Delight ERP is here to help with one of the best FMCG distribution software available.

You may easily manage your goods by using our FMCG distribution software. Not only that, but you can boost profits while lowering expenses. All tasks become simple in the age of technology. You can also automate your entire procedure by using our FMCG solution.

Using our FMCG distribution software,

  • Sales bills and invoices can be kept by distributors. As a result, you’ll know exactly which materials to buy on the day. You can reduce wastages and properly manage your inventory by keeping track of your purchasing records.
  • Scanning the barcode features keeps you informed about the products, and the software notifies you when the products are out of stock. You don’t have to manually count the products; instead, simply scan the barcode and the software will count them for you.
  • Tracking FMCG sales daily aids in stock or inventory management. On the other hand, this approach keeps your supply under control and keeps you from overstocking.
  • You can also connect with a significant number of wholesalers if you manage a large shopping mall or retail store. As a result, you may maintain your relationship with the distributor using Delight ERP’s FMCG software.
  • Don’t worry; even if you think that “I have multiple shops in different locations, so I need multiple software,” you are wrong. Our software is based on the cloud solution. As a result, you can manage multiple shops with a single software.

Key Features: