Supply Chain Management Software (SCM)

Supply chain management software (SCM) is a strategic approach to planning, controlling, and optimising the flow of materials and information along the entire supply chain, from raw material suppliers to customers. Also, our SCM software handles the flow of goods or services to maximise quality, delivery, customer experience, and profitability. SCM software can directly coordinate with users on behalf of suppliers and the whole organisation.

Supply chain management software can do data tracking, demand forecasting, and supply chain visibility. Also, our software can manage the whole stock details in the supply chain process. Companies’ salespersons can manage the GST, discounts, and extra charges to make an invoice in the supply chain process.

Furthermore, our software is a user-friendly tool and dashboard that simplifies the entire supply chain process (order tracking, product visibility, product price, location, and so on). Delight ERP’s supply chain management (SCM) software supports three different languages: Hindi, English, and Gujarati. Also, our software is supported in web apps, Android apps, and iOS apps.

On which factors are we different from others in supply chain management?

1. Mobile usability

The company salesperson can punch orders through the mobile application and place orders with any channel member (distribution network). Also, mobile applications can streamline order placement, get access to real-time data, provide order visibility, mobility for companies’ salespeople, authorities’ personnel.

2. Document management

Through the SCM software, customers can manage documents and store details about the products. Also, our software organises contracts, purchase orders, invoices, shipping orders, etc. document easily and also track. Our SCM software can manage the required documents of supply chain network members, customers, vendors, employees, etc. SCM software can help manage company documents and take easy decision-making based on data.

3. Order management with slot-wise

For the supplier, our software can arrange the slot-wise order within a specific period. Through the software, companies’ salespersons have the flexibility to manage different orders for different customers. The salesperson can manage the whole inquiry-related product in our software. Supply chain management software can manage pre-orders, track product location, real-time data, and timing, and get notifications about products.

4. Price management

In price management, our software does multiple price list for multiple suppliers or customers; price history can be maintained; member-wise price lists; price changes with time based; suppliers can easily view viewpoints, etc. Furthermore, our supply chain management software is a user-friendly tool for optimising prices, helping businesses stay competitive and profitable.

5. Product Management

Our supply chain software includes product catalogue, product tracking, pricing, quality control, and inventory management. Further, our software manages suppliers and customer products for essential rights and product quantities. With the help of our supply chain management software, we manage exclusive product rights for sales to suppliers, customers, employees, etc.

6. Scheme management

Every business wants to increase their sales, and our supply chain management software has a multiple scheme plan for supply chain network. Our software includes…

  • Discounts
  • Coupon systems
  • Bundle deals
  • Promotional activities
  • Loyalty programmes

7. Payment tracking

Each business work on finance and supply chain process help to manage finance of company, the software can manage financial transactions about the product supply process. It involves payments from customers, distributors, and suppliers. Also, our software can watch real-time payment data. Further, SCM software provides online payments, including cash, checks, etc. Our software generates payment reminders and provides real-time visibility into the financial aspects of the supply chain.

8. Dispatch Management and Delivery Management

The software’s ability to deliver the goods in real-time provides visibility into the delivery status in supply chain process. Our software can manage the delivery of products and schedule the supply chain process. Also, SCM software provides a tracking code to watch the live product delivery time, and customers can track delivery.

In our software, suppliers can optimise, organise, and monitor deliveries or service calls. Our software involves a multi-step process that connects goods or service providers to customers.

9. Inventory Management

Our supply chain management software can manage, control, and optimise stock accessibility at both the top and bottom levels of the supply chain. In SCM software, suppliers or customers can get accurate information about the stock. Also, suppliers can manage the minimum stock level in our software. Further, SCM software can manage which products are kept in which place and at which level and also help into avoid to create dead stock product.

10. Goods Receive Notes (GRN)

Our software can add order-based and invoice-based GRN. Also, the software can add documents to the orders. All information can be stored individually. In our software, the supplier can include details such as quantity, description, and received items on products. Goods Receive Notes (GRN) play a vital role in supply chain management (SCM) by serving as formal documents to acknowledge the receipt of goods.

In our software, suppliers can include the details of quantity, description, and received items on products.

11. Warranty management

Through the SCM software companies, members can see the warranty information about the customer and how much warranty company has given. Additionally, our software can track warranty periods, and the company can add more warranty-based products.

12. Notification System

Supply chain management software for real-time communication and information sharing with the supply chain. Our software provides notifications for…

  • Order updates
  • Shipping Tracking
  • Inventory alerts
  • Suppliers
  • Vendor communication
  • Minimum stock

13. Report

SCM software provides you with better control over customer information. The ABC report helps to briefly explain the user’s understandability or purpose.
Through the SCM software, you can create an offer for customer management, product decisions, and supplier monitoring. We are providing an ABC report to enhance your utility by considering and streamlining the identification of products. Additionally, user-friendly interfaces and regular updates could improve the user experience and decision-making efficiency. Supply chain management software from suppliers can get the EBITDA report for easy financial performance.

14. B2B and B2C product purchases

Supply chain management software can manage goods and product orders from business to business and from business to customer. In the e-commerce business, our software helps with the delivery of products to end customers.

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