Dealer Management Software

A powerful dealer management system that provides details at your fingertips, letting you accelerate the sales process, and manage appointments.

Delight ERP offers you dealer management software with several features. Through software, all the dealers can manage their accounts, finances, stocks, customers, etc. We provide features to track your material and store all the information. 

Why do dealers need Dealer Management Software?

Dealers face day-to-day problems regarding accounts, finances, costing, material transaction charges, insurances, employee salary, and also get difficulty with price management, exclusive product management, supply chain management, etc. 

Delight ERP software provides you the Dealer Management Software. Our DMS software helps you to manage all your tasks on one single platform. DMS is available with many features on a single software thus helping you to monitor dealership operations more efficiently. 

Through our Dealer, Management software dealers get an overview of their business and provide the finest details and this is cost-effective.

Dealer management systems offer you features to generate reports regarding sales, customer history, employee reports, etc. Reporting plays a role in running your business smoothly because it helps to make a correct decision.

DMS specially developed for :

Delight ERP specially developed a Dealer Management Software for automotive industries, car dealers, large equipment manufacturers like general motors, power sports dealers, bike manufacturers, and all types of dealers. They have to maintain their finance, sales, workshop, administration works, etc. DMS helps to manage all work and reduces the burden of the administration. 

A Dealer Management Software provides the features such as,

  • Dealer-wise price management – Price management is not only about optimizing list prices. But also understanding the impact on customer net prices down to the final price. Our Dealer Management software helps to manage the price of the products.
  • Dealer-wise exclusive product management – Delight ERP’s Dealer Management Software helps you to guide for individual orders and make despatches of the products on time.
  • Set dealer-wise credit limit – Dealer Management Software through you can set the dealer-wise credit limits. These features help to reduce the risk and improve your cash flow.
  • Auto payment reminder – Businesses or companies provide the materials to the retailers or consumers for a limited time period offer. The DMS has a facility to give a reminder to receive the payments from the debtors.
  • Dealer wise scheme management – Your companies deal in product or service through distribution channels then you can easily maintain the dealer wise scheme with the help of the Dealer Management Software.
  • Supply chain management  – Supply chain management is an essential part of most businesses or organizations to get success in the business and gives customer satisfaction. DMS provides clear visibility to monitor the delivery of the products to the end-users. 

Other Features: 

  • Individual price management
  • Scheme (discount / coupon / Point system) management
  • Dealer sales limit
  • Dealer product sales limit
  • Distribution management
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