Why Delight ERP Solution Required for Business?

Delight ERP system is one of the leading ERP solution provider company in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Our ERP solution helps manage real-time data of your business like supply chain management, production managemente (Process to process production), inventory/stock management, sales order, quality manement etc. We provide you with the best ERP solution for your business, company, organization.

Delight ERP supports you in facing various data management challenges in fluctuating market circumstances & customer obligations to meet their goals. Our ERP software provides the best ERP solutions for engineening industry, pump manufucturers, FMCG industry, chemical industry, pestiside industry, agri product industry, manufucturers, buiding material industries, small businesses, and many more organizations. Our ERP system is customizable, so we provide you the ERP solution as per your business requirement.

Our ERP solutions are available at affordable rates. Check out our advanced features of ERP & the benefits of ERP software to get more ideas.

A top feature of Delight ERP

1. Supply Chain Management (Distribution Management)

  • Handles the whole production flow of all goods or services
  • Distribution / Dealer / Retailer management
  • Distribution / Dealer / Retailer document management with vendor code
  • Channel wise and individual member wise price management
  • Distribution / Dealer / Retailer wise eCommerce Store
  • Auto payment reminder
  • Channel member credit sales limit management
  • Channel member order place quantity limit by product
  • Product distribution management
  • Right based higher level / bottom level stock view facility
  • Scheme management by discount, by coupon, by Point system
  • Exclusive product sales right management
  • Channel wise credit limit management
  • Bulk product price management
  • Channel member able to list own product
  • Channel member wise eCommerce store

2. Multiple Store Management

  • Are you having multiple stores or branches, then Delight ERP help to handle all stores using one software
  • Web based eCommerce Store
  • Mobile application based eCommerce Store

3. Reporting

  • No need for other software to generate the Reports
  • You can track all different types of real-time company transactions, such as sales, inventory, and company assets, access the raw information
  • Stock analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • Purchase analysis
  • Identify production cost, rejection, wastage process to process and production base wise
  • Take product ABC, aging report
  • Identify dead stock / or not moving product / material

4. Order Management

  • Order against stock, Order without stock facility
  • Partial order confirmation
  • Order to invoice analysis
  • Quotation Management
  • Order to Production Management
  • Quotation to Order Tracking
  • Order against invoice management
  • Quotation aging production management
  • View supply channel member card orders

5. Dealer Management

  • Dealer wise price management
  • Set dealer wise credit limits
  • Distribution Management

6. Online Store Management

  • Our potent ERP software can also be fully integrated with existing B2C and B2B E-Commerce web stores
  • Bulk Product Sales Management
  • Multiple payment gateway
  • Multiple shipping management

7. Credit limit management Software

  • You keep track of all customers’ credit limits

8. Production Process Management (Manufacturer Management)

  • It gives a clear vision of your business insight
  • It manages business flow very easily
  • Production planning
  • Process to process management
  • Process wise cost, stock and quality identification
  • Production Planning and controlling
  • Quality Contraol (QC) Management
  • Production Cost Identification
  • Machine wise Production
  • Product life cycle management
  • Outsourcing / in-sourcing management
  • Labor cost management
  • With Delight, ERP production planners or buyers can schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on different criteria
  • Process wise cost
  • Bill of material (BOM)
  • Job work challan
  • Quality Control management
  • Material over stock management
  • Scrap management

9. Price Management Software

  • Easily manage pricing, order, stock management, sales management, accounting data, etc.
  • Product wise management
  • Product, attribute, variant based management
  • Price history managment
  • Price rise schedule based on date & time

10. Payment & Transaction Alert System

  • End user payment
  • Supply chain member payment management
  • Reminder for payment / receivable payment aging invoice
  • Auto reminder mail again invoice day credit limit
  • Credit based invoice generation facility

11. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / Lead Management Software

  • Direct Inquiry feed from market place (IndiaMart, TradeIndia, JustDial, Facebook, Instagram, live chat, website etc.)
  • Sales person on field tracking
  • Sales person on field / off field attendance
  • Expense management
  • Quotation management
  • Travelling based expense management
  • Route Management
  • Leave management
  • OTP Based meeting closed
  • Dealer, Distributor, retail order management
  • Customer call, follow-up, inquiry, meeting management
  • Payment management
  • Smart Lead Distribution System
  • Incentive management
  • Target management

12. Inventory Management (Stock Management)

  • Easily identify process to process stock
  • Maintain ready product stock
  • LIFO / FIFO method base product stock management
  • Row material / ready good / not sellable product management
  • QR Code, Serial No, SKU based stock management
  • Outsourcing / process based product stock management
  • Price wise stock management
  • Scrap management
  • Finish, Semi finished, Raw material based stock management
  • Stock adjustment

13. Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle repairing management
  • Vehicle insurance/claim management
  • License expiry management
  • Vehicle expense management
  • Vehicle parts warranty management
  • Vehicle document management

14. Website & Application

  • Sales CRM
  • Sales person / Distributor / dealer / retailer / end user place the order and tracking
  • Distributor / dealer / retailer / end user access
  • FedEx and ShipRocket shipping management
  • Transportation management & courier management
  • Offer management
  • Own product listing
  • Company news / catalogue management
  • Product wise rating, comment, review
  • Blog
  • eCommerce management

15. Machinery Management

  • Machinery Inventory management
  • Machine wise production
  • Machine service management
  • Machine mapping at prouction time
  • Machine wise waste identification

16. Admin Management

  • Rights base User management
  • SMS & Email base Notification
  • Multiple Invoice format
  • Action Log
  • Notification management
  • Payment Gateway management

17. Human Resource (HR) Management

  • Employee management
  • Attendance management
  • Salary management
  • Employee document management
  • Leave management
  • Expense Management
  • Interview Management
  • Selfie base attendance
  • Latitude, Longitude base attendance
  • Birthday / Anniversy Wise by SMS
  • Reporting to senior person management
  • Todo List

18. Warranty Management

  • Claim management
  • Warranty Registration management
  • Warranty claim based on image capture
  • Warranty period management
  • Single / multiple time product replacement management
  • Warranty registration time limit managment
  • Different product replacement managment
  • Track report of replacement by city, by retailer, by state, by product, by cutomer

19. Vendor Management

  • Add product for finish, raw metrial product
  • Auto assign product to supply chain
  • Order management
  • Payment management

20. Service Management

  • Handle Product / Service request
  • Service Quotation Management
  • Service Invoice Management
  • Service Route Management
  • Mobile application base service management
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