Role-Based Member Access Control

Having a large and medium business have different roles in managing the whole industry. ERP system is the best solution to manage all the business information regarding business in one particular system. 

As a business owner, some secrets are not sharable with your colleges. So our ERP system provides you with a unique feature to manage all the information member-wise. Admin can allow access to different users as per their position. 

Admin can manage, add, edit, and remove or delete users to access the system. Without the owner’s permission, no one can get any business information or access that system.

Role-Based Member Access Control is the best practice for your business. RBMAC can be beneficial for you and your company. Let’s check out how:

Benefits for Company

  • Reduce the cost of user provisions
  • Improve the security of a system
  • Better compliance and reporting
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve audit results
  • Improve audit cost

Benefits for You

  • Access process request is easier
  • Time-based access
  • Enhance ownership
  • Shopping cart experience
  • Access grant with few errors

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