Online Store (eCommerce)

Online Store (eCommerce) Software is a platform that enables businesses or distributors to create and manage their online stores, allowing customers to browse and purchase products or services over the website. It provides an advanced set of tools and features to do smooth product listing, order management, payment processing, and customer engagement.

Why do you need Online Store (eCommerce) ?

If your business does not have an online store In today’s digital era then you should plan to consider it. Having an online presence is essential for businesses to reach a wider customer base and capitalize on the growing e-commerce market. It provides businesses with a user-friendly and customizable platform to showcase and sell their products or services online, expanding their market reach and increasing sales opportunities.

DelightERP provides a robust Online Store or E-commerce Software solution. Create and manage your online store with ease. Our software offers features such as adding or removing products or services, customizable home banners, flexible product management, section-wise product listing, etc. Maximize your online sales, improve customer engagement, and drive business growth with our advanced e-commerce solution.

Who needs Online Store (eCommerce) Software?

Various industries can benefit from Online Store (E-commerce) Software to establish and manage their online presence. First dealers/ distributors can use this software. Also, It includes retail, fashion and apparel, electronics, consumer goods, health and beauty, home and garden, automotive, and many others.

Any business that aims to sell products or services online and wants to gain the convenience and reach of e-commerce can benefit from implementing Online Store Software. Whether you are a small start-up, a mid-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, having an online store is crucial in today’s competitive market landscape.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated B2C and B2B web stores
  • Product Listing (Section-wise)
  • Bulk Product Sales Management
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Multiple shipping management
  • Available on the web, android & iOS
  • Home Banner Customization
  • Sales report generating
  • Inventory forecast management

Benefits of Online Store (eCommerce) Software

  • Online Store (E-commerce) Software allows businesses to reach a global customer base.
  • The software enables need of businesses to connect both B2C and B2B customers on one platform.
  • Section-wise product listing facilitates easy navigation.
  • Online Store Software simplifies the management of bulk product sales.
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways offers customers flexible payment options.
  • Home banner customization enables businesses to showcase promotional offers.
  • New products can effectively capture customer attention with a home banner.
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