Distribution Management Software

Our Distribution Management Software analyses real-time data capability and flexibility for various distributor networks or channels. Distribution management software optimises sector-specific distributor networks. Our software makes it beneficial for manufacturing companies to allocate responsibility to distributors’ networks. By using distribution management software, you can see the process of distribution.

Our distributor management software offers various payment methods to accommodate a distributor’s needs. Our software payment methods include UPI, online banking, cheques, NEFT, RTGS, net banking, Google Pay, Phonepay, Paytm, etc… Our payment methods are also useful for a sales team.

Our distribution management software will be more effective in decision-making with a direct customer network. Our software will help save time on the distributor process.

On which factors, we different from others Distribution Management Software (DMS)? 

Order Management

Our software can store order details from their clients, and all the information they have is saved in software with accurate numbers and information. How many orders do they have? All this information DMS can store in our software we also saw the past, present, and future orders in our software.

Order Management with Slots-wise

Our order software provides flexibility for distribution to manage orders with and without slot-wise organization Order process can be more effective and take less time. Also, our software manages the slot order with specific periods of delivery and services. Also, distributors can take advantage of various distribution methods.

Payment Management

Our software tracks payments from distributors and dealers. Also, our software offers a variety of payment methods, including cash, online, cheque, etc. The company’s salesperson can collect payments on behalf of the distributor channel and directly deposit them from the company’s bank account using UPI.

Price Management

In our distribution management software, we can manage distributors, dealers, and customer-specific prices. Also, our software can create multiple price list channels, and the distributor can check the entire price changes history in our software.

Product Management

Distribution management software has control over product data, including catalogue, unit, HSN code, brand, product types, price, weight, etc. Also, manage the product details, descriptions, and images. E-commerce platforms can also manage products in our software. Our software can determine a product’s rights based on the sales benchmark. If company want to give exclusive product right to sales than also able to do it.

Scheme Management

We are providing a scheme for our clients, depending on their order. Also, we are providing functionality in our schemes. The distributor can define the schemes in our software.

  • Point-based redemption concept
  • Voucher concept
  • Give free products while sales order
  • Discount as per client order
  • Target base scheme


User Management Software

Our software verifies and manages the distribution channel members and provides flexibility for multiple user logins with customizable options based on various business needs. Our software can manage our customers and also manage our workers in the same system. Our software can create responsibilities assigned to different users or roles.

Right-based System

In a company, every piece of data has its importance; we have to create the right basic system. Everyone has different rights to the system to use, and our DMS software operates as a right-based system. Our DMS software has the right to read, write, delete, and share the whole process. Rights can be customised in our distribution management software.

Pre-order System

Distributors get a pre-order for their products without stock, and our software has all the information about products or orders. DMS can track product availability dates and manage customer expectations regarding delivery.

Delivery Management

DMS software decreases your product delivery time. At which time your product is delivered to the distributor or dealers. Our software can provide real-time delivery status updates and on which person delivers products at which location or time. All these details can be seen in our distributor management software gives you accurate information about product delivery.

Notification System

Our software provides notifications about the delivery of products, and distributors or dealers get notifications through SMS, WhatsApp, email, application notification. Notification is helpful to remind them of their order and payment. Notification received at time of order place, payment, order delivery, etc.

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