Cloud Based – High Performance Servers

Delight ERP is cloud-based ERP software for small to large businesses. We provide the best Cloud-Based ERP solution with the latest technology and features used in your business’s growth. 

Delight ERP provides a cloud-based high-performance server that helps you save essential data of yours and quickly and quickly access it from the server. Our server makes it easy for you to share and access the data or files from anywhere and anytime. 

We let you save your extensive data on our server with access to it at any time. We provide your server with advanced technology. You can prevent the loss of your essential data as our server takes its automatic backup. 

Having Delight ERP’s cloud-based high-performance server is essential for your business. We also provide different features like supply chain management, stock/inventory management system, Customer Relationship Management system, and many more, which are very useful for your business. 

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