The top industrial association surrounding the Rajkot region

Industrial Association

Industrial associations promote and support groups of companies in the Rajkot region. It provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and addressing industry-related challenges. However, they are providing a group of association with various sectors and industries. They are always providing modern technology and awareness of all Saurashtra region.

Gujarat has the largest industrial hub and Saurashtra’s journey from small-scale industries to the largest industrial for economic growth.

Here’s the top Industrial Association in the Rajkot region:

Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit – 2024

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is an event organized by the Government of Gujarat, India, intending to attract investments, foster economic development, and promote Gujarat as a business-friendly destination. The summit typically brings together business leaders, policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders from around the world to discuss and explore opportunities in various sectors, including industries, infrastructure, technology, and innovation. The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is for the whole world’s businesses and industries at Gandhinagar.

Website: Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit – 2024

Rajkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Rajkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry includes various businesses and factories that are diesel engine manufacturing, machine tools, electronic motors and pumps, auto parts, engineering products and exporters, import-export consultancy, etc. The Rajkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry stands for the whole Saurashtra and Rajkot region.

Website: Rajkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Saurashtra Ginners Association

Saurashtra Ginners Association members are connected with the sales and purchase of raw materials and finished goods by way of formulating sales and purchases of cotton, cotton balls, cotton seeds, etc. This association is famous for the agricultural market in Gondal State or the Saurashtra region.

Rajkot Hardware Manufacturer Association

Rajkot Hardware Manufacturer Association includes business services such as casting services, furniture fitting, steel and metal materials, knob and materials, etc… This Association is an Indian non-government company. This association is open to the whole Rajkot region.

Rajkot Plastic Manufacturer

The Rajkot Plastic Manufacturer Association is actively engaged in influencing policies, regulations, and legislation that have a bearing on the plastic industry. Plastic Manufacturers, Plastic Product Designers, Plastic Mold Makers, Plastic Packaging Manufacturers, etc. are members of this association. The Rajkot Plastic Manufacturer Association covers the whole plastic industry which is in the Rajkot region.

Website: Rajkot Plastic Manufacturer

Chemist Association

The Chemist Association’s commitment to education benefits a diverse audience, including students, educators, and professionals across multiple sectors like healthcare, industry, and the environment. Moreover, the chemical association’s support in enhancing testing materials within industries is commendable. The Chemist Association is for the Members of the Rajkot region.

Website: Chemist Association

Aji GIDC Industries Association

Aji GIDC Association is a platform for Auto Parts Industries, Engineering Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Agro Industries, Casting, Packaging Industries, Kitchenware Enterprises etc. This association is for the area AJI GIDC Rajkot.

Website: Aji GIDC Industries Association

Ribda Industrial Association

Ribda Industrial Association is for agricultural equipment, casting, packaging & printing, food & beverage, plastics industries, ceramic and cement products, hardware, oil industries, jewellery industries etc… The Ribda Industrial Association is a membership to individuals and businesses who operate within the industrial sector. Ribda Industrial Association is for surrounding rural and urban areas of Ribda.

Website: Ribda Industrial Association

Rajkot Builders Association

Rajkot Building Association consists of various construction industries under Building and Developers, Architects and Designers, Civil Engineers, Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Suppliers and Manufacturers, Property Owners etc… This association is for builders of the entire Rajkot region.

Website: Rajkot Builders Association

Real Estate Agents Association

Real estate associations include real estate agents, property consultants, agents and brokers, investors, affiliate members, agencies and brokerage firms. Also, real estate professionals can join as members. This association is for Rajkot real estate members.

Website: Real Estate Agents Association

GIDC (Lodhika) Industrial Association

The GIDC (Lodhika) Industrial Association in Gujarat, India. GIDC (Lodhika) Industrial Association is open to all industrialists, business owners, and professionals involved in manufacturing and allied industries in the Metoda-Lodhika region. Generally, toy manufacturers, engineering parts, food processing industries, food manufacturing agencies, and export and automobile parts industries are in the GIDC (Lodhika-Metoda) industrial area.

Website: GIDC (Lodhika) Industrial Association

Rajkot Engineering Association

Rajkot Engineering Association including civil engineers, electronic engineering, computer engineering, submersible pumps and electric motors for production, design R&D etc. This association is open to the Engineers of the Rajkot region.

Website: Rajkot Engineering Association

Shapar-Veraval Industrial Association

Shapar-Veraval Industrial Association Members can be manufacturers, traders, suppliers, and service providers related to various industries including bearing, machine, kitchenware, automobile parts, ceramics, plastic, and more. The Shapar-Veraval Industrial Association is open to individuals who are involved in businesses operating in the industrial zone of the Shapar-Veraval region.

Website: Shapar-Veraval Industrial Association

Rajkot Information Technology Association

The Rajkot Information Association includes software development companies, digital marketing agencies, internet-related service provider companies, designing companies, E-commerce companies, hosting companies, Graphics companies, etc. This association is for the whole Rajkot Technical hub in the rajkot region.

Website: Rajkot Information Technology Association

Rajkot Computer Trader Association

Rajkot Computer Trader Association includes the development team, software design, graphic designing, hosting company, digital marketing agencies, e-commerce platform etc. This Association is for computer traders in the Rajkot region.

Website: Rajkot Computer Trader Association

Saurashtra Security & Surveillance Association

SSSA provides computer services, internet-related systems, hosting agencies, security systems, sales and buyers of electronics products, electronic equipment, etc. SSSA (Saurashtra Security & Surveillance Association) is a professional organization of Distributors, System integrators, Professionals and Consultants in the Saurashtra Region of Gujarat State.

Website: Saurashtra Security & Surveillance Association

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Rajkot Tools Dealers Association

Rajkot Tools Dealers Association involves the tools and machinery industry. The association’s members include dealers, distributors, manufacturers, exporters, Machine Tool Dealers, Tool Suppliers, Tools and Machinery Dealers, Trade Associations, etc… Also, companies that are into the tools manufacturing of CNC, VMC, machinery, Gold Jewellery, and diamond merchants can join this association. Rajkot Tools Dealers Association is for the surrounding rajkot region.

Packaging Machines & Goods Association

Packaging Machines & Goods Association includes the machinery, materials, and services related to packaging products. Also, their members are Packaging Machinery Manufacturers, Equipment Distributors, Designers and Graphic Artists, etc..

Those companies are growers of plastic, paper, iron, wood, packaging material, or packaging products. The Packaging Machine & Goods Association is open for the Rajkot region.

Gems & jewellery Association

Gems & Jewellery Association is for that member, who reside in Rajkot. A Gems & Jewellery Association’s Members often include jewellers, gemstone traders, jewellery manufacturers, designers, retailers, and suppliers of gemstones and precious metals.

Chemicals, Dyes & Solvents Association

The Chemicals Industry Association covers the production and distribution of chemical substances used in manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and numerous other sectors. Dyes are substances that impart colour to a wide array of materials, such as textiles, paper, and plastics. Solvents are chemicals used to dissolve other substances, making them integral in various industrial processes, including paint and coating formulation, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning products. The Chemicals, Dyes, and Solvents Association helps to make more effective and innovative products on the market.

Rajkot Electronic Trade Association

Rajkot Electronic Trade Association Members typically include electronics manufacturers, traders, retailers, technicians, and related service providers. Those, member are also work in electronic and electrical products, both wholesale and retail, can also join this association. The Rajkot Electronic Trade Association membership is open for the entire Rajkot region.

Rajkot Automobile Dealers Association

The Automobile Dealers Association members can join Automobile Dealerships, automobile parts, accessories, and related products, Automobile Technicians and Mechanics, and Automobile Retailers. This association is for the whole Rajkot Automobile dealers in the Rajkot region.

The Rajkot GST Bar Association

The Rajkot GST Bar Association is an organized base in Gujarat in Rajkot dedicated to being involved in goods and service tax. This association is a platform for professionals, including lawyers, consultants, tax participators, accountants, and those who work in the field of GST.

Rajkot Dairy Merchant Association

The Dairy Merchant Association promotes the members of Dairy Merchants, Milk Collection Centers, Dairy Product Retailers, Milk Transportation Services, Milk Suppliers and Farmers, Dairy Equipment Suppliers, and distribution channels for dairy products.

Rajkot Tax Consultant Society

Members of such a society may include tax consultants, chartered accountants, tax lawyers, and other professionals who provide tax-related services to individuals and businesses. The society may also engage in activities related to professional development, continuing education, and advocacy for sound tax practices within the Rajkot region.

Rajkot Machinery Spares Supplier Association

Suppliers, Industry Professionals, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors, and Small Businesses, Replacement and Repair, Certifications and Quality Assurance, and Technology Providers can join the Rajkot Machinery Spares Supplier Association. They work in Plastic Moulding Machinery, Paper Product Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Lathe Machinery, and Kanak/Wamk Machinery. Rajkot Machinery Spares Supplier Association connects with the Rajkot region.

Rajkot Paints Dealers Association

The Rajkot Paints Dealers Association involved the paint industry, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturer companies. Paints Dealers Association is for the paint’s dealers’ pigments, chemicals, and equipment to paint manufacturers and retailers, colour matching, and paint formulation. The paint Dealers Association is for the surrounding Rajkot region.

Rajkot Tax Consultant Society Association

Rajkot Tax Consultant Society Association includes tax consultants, accountants, lawyers, and business owners who want to keep up-to-date with tax regulations. Tax Constant Society Association are open for the Rajkot rural and urban area.

Rajkot Timber Marchant Association

Rajkot Timber Marchant Association includes merchants, distributors, and suppliers. This Association is focused on Wood Suppliers, Construction, Furniture, Plywood manufacturer, Craftsmanship, and Wood Retailers.

Saurashtra Dall and Besan Mill Association

Saurashtra Dall and Besan Mill Association include the food processing industry, including the production, packaging, and distribution of these food products. Dall refers to pulses or legumes, such as lentils, chickpeas, and various types of beans, that are commonly consumed in Indian cuisine. Besan is a fine flour made from ground chickpeas (also known as Bengal gram or chana dal). Dall and Besan Mill Association surrounds the all Saurashtra area.

Rajkot Dyeing & Printing Association

Rajkot’s dyeing and printing industry includes manufacturers, exporters, traders and processors, Dyeing and Printing Businesses, Textile Manufacturers, Suppliers Retailers and Wholesalers, technicians, designers, quality control experts, dyes, chemicals, etc…

The Rajkot Tea Merchant Association

The Rajkot Tea Merchant Association members are for the tea wholesalers, retailers, exporters, importers, brokers, and suppliers. The Tea Merchant Association covers up the whole Rajkot Tea’s distributors and importers.

The Rajkot textile Association

The Rajkot textile Association includes fabric manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters, and suppliers. They are discussing the quantities, offering discounts or reduced prices compared to retail prices, Fabric Rolls, Home Textiles, Accessories, Specialized Textiles, etc… The Rajkot Textile Association is for the whole cloth industrial area around Rajkot

TV Appliances Traders Association

The TV Appliances Traders Association provides a valuable platform for all sectors of the appliance trade to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and service providers. This association is for networking, industry insights, advocacy, and educational opportunities. TV Appliances Traders Association is for the Saurashtra region.

Saurashtra Stone Merchant Association

Saurashtra Stone Merchants Association consists of companies that manufacture stone as they constantly work with stone merchants and sometimes, they find isolated stones. This Association is open for the Saurashtra Stone Merchant.

Morbi GIDC Industries Association

Morbi GIDC Industrial Association includes the member of logistics business, Ceramic industries, Real estate industries, Import-Export industries, financial organization, Technical and engineering, consulting, etc… However, Morbi’s status as the hub of the ceramic industries. Morbi GIDC Industries covers the whole industries, surrounding the Morbi GIDC area.

Junagadh Industries (GIDC- 1) Association

Junagadh Industrial Association is open to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and exporters can join this association. They discuss various industries like agriculture, manufacturing, hardware, chemical industries, textiles, food industries, etc. Junagadh Industrial Association cover ups the surrounding Junagadh Industrial area.

The Gondal Udhyognagar Association

The Gondal Udhyognagar Association includes the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, stakeholders, exporter, etc… Also, members are connected with the food product, spices, cement products, equipment, raw material, machinery industries, and Real Estate Developers can join this association. The Gondal Udhyognagar is famous for their food products and food spices. The Gondal Udhyognagar Association is for surrounding rural and urban areas of Gondal.

Gujarat Mini Cement MFRS Association

Gujarat Mini Cement MFRS Association includes Cement producers, Equipment manufacturers, Concrete and construction materials producers, Admixture manufacturers, Traders, Shippers, Engineering companies, Equipment suppliers, etc…The whole Saurashtra region cover by the Gujarat Mini Cement MFRS Association

Haripar (Pal) Industrial Association

Haripar Industrial Association includes raw material sales, entrepreneurs, and businessmen who are joining the future growth and marketing. This industries are famous for the Food processing industries and Casting industries. Food companies and casting companies can join the association as a member. Haripar Industrial Association is open for the rajkot region.

Khambha Industrial Association

Khambha Industrial Association includes members are manufacturing industry, development programmers, Chemical, food and oil, textile businesses, ceramic industries, etc… This Industrial Association is cover up the Khambha region.

Agro Input Merchant Association

Agro Input Merchant Association includes the agro-input suppliers and exporters, seed suppliers, fertilizer distributors, agricultural machinery dealers, rural and urban agro retailers, etc… This Association is for the agricultural industrial area in the Saurashtra region

Bhartiya Stove Manufacturer Associations

Bhartiya Stove Manufacturer Associations is for engineers, marketing executives, production managers, and sales representatives can join the organization for various reasons. For instance, an engineer may join to develop new stove models. Bhartiya Stove Manufacturer Association is for the Rajkot region.

Hadmatala Industrial Association

Hadmatala Industrial Association includes kitchenware equipment, Auto Electrical Products and parts, Metal steel, casting services, bio coal, CNC components, Agricultural products, chemicals, etc. This Industrial Association is for the Rajkot region.

Khirasara GIDC industrial Association

Khirasara GIDC Industrial association includes manufacturers, trader, exporter, buyers and sellers etc. This association is engaged in industrial or allied activities within the Rajkot region.

Kuvadva Industrial Area Association

Kuvadva Industrial Association includes electronic kitchenware Appliances, electronic pumps, metal castings, auto electronic products, furniture manufacturing, agricultural industries, etc. This association operates within the Kuvadva Industrial Area in Rajkot, Gujarat.

Machine Tools Manufacturers Association

The Machine Tools Manufacturers Association is open for manufacturers of machine tools and related equipment. This association provides networking opportunities, market research, and industry updates for its members. Also, this association’s members are CNC/ VMC tools, good jewellery, Lathe machine tool manufacturers, traders, and suppliers. Machine Tools manufacturers Association is for the Saurashtra region.

Rajkot Electroplaters Association

This Association includes professionals, business owners and developers. Rajkot Electroplaters Association includes the Electroplating businesses and facilities, Metal finishing companies, Suppliers of electroplating materials and equipment, technical experts and consultants, Researchers, and academics with an interest in electroplating.

Ankleshwar Industries Association

Ankleshwar Industrial Association in Producers, Chemicals, Textiles, and Pharmaceuticals to Machinery Industries Members Can Join. However, Ankleshwar industries grow through modern technologies, industrial infrastructure, Research and development, and social infrastructure. This association is open for the pharma companies in Ankleshwar region.

Website: Ankleshwar Industries Association

Makarpura GIDC Industrial Estate Infra. & Charitable Association

Makarpura GIDC Industrial Estate Infra. & Charitable Association plays a pivotal role by fostering collaboration between Suppliers, Service Providers, Industrialists, Manufacturers, and relevant government agencies. Their inclusive approach helps enhance the industrial ecosystem, benefiting both local authorities and regulatory bodies. The Makarpura GIDC Industrial Estate Infra. & Charitable Association is for the Vadodara region.

Website: Makarpura GIDC Industrial Estate Infra. & Charitable Association

The Kutch Mandvi Merchant Association

The Kutch Mandvi Merchant Association manufactures, retailers, wholesalers, service providers, Merchants and Traders, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Mandvi which play a significant role in the local economy. Kutch Mandvi Trade Association can be joined by rural and urban people from Kutch region.

Gandhinagar Electronics Zone Industries Association GEZIA

Gandhinagar Electronics Zone Industries Association GEZIA is for the automotive industries and those who are manufacturing, supplier, and distributor of electronic equipment that types of Gandhinagar industries can join this Association.

Dahod G.I.D.C. Association

Dahod GIDC Association includes Demand-Based Industries, Forest-Based Industries, Live Stock-Based Industries, Agro-Based Industries, Services Industries, Agro Companies, Textile Industries, and chemical industries members can join this association. This association is for the Dahod Industrial region.

Bhuj Industries Association

Bhuj Industries Association includes automotive repair and maintenance, civic and social organizations, machinery, electronic equipment, household goods services, etc. This association covers Bhuj City of Kutch region.

Nadiad GIDC Industries Association

Nadiad GIDC Industries Association are includes the manufacturing units, factories, Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Suppliers, Universities, technical institutions, and researchers etc… This Association is for the rural and urban cities of the Nadiyad region.

Mundra GIDC Industries Association

Companies supplying raw materials, machinery, and equipment to industrial units including engineering and manufacturing in the industrial estate can join the Mundra GIDC Association. Mundra is a well-known port city located in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India.

Bhavnagar (Sihor) Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association

Sihor Steel Re-Rolling Mills Associations include the steel industries, casting companies, construction, engineering, and manufacturing of steel Re-Rolling Mill Owners and suppliers. This association is for the Bhavnagar region of steel industries.

Palanpur Industrial Estate Association

Palanpur Industrial Estate Association includes builders, real estate, technical fields, etc… but these areas are generally significant hubs for industrial and commercial activities, fostering increasing real estate in the Palanpur region.

Rajkot Management Association

Rajkot Management Association Members can be electronic companies, software development agencies, exporters, agricultural products industries, pharma companies, oil industries, garments-related companies, etc. Management Association is open for the Rajkot region.

Website: Rajkot Management Association

Jamnagar GIDC Industrial Association

Jamnagar GIDC Industrial Association includes the brass industries, construction industries, Automatic machinery, saree factories etc. Also, Jamnagar is famous for the patola in saree industries. This association covers up whole rural and urban industries in the Jamnagar region.

Website: Jamnagar GIDC Industrial Association

Jetpur dyeing & Printing Association

Jetpur Dyeing& Printing Association is famous for there textile manufacturing business in saree factories. This Association includes cotton goods, design and printing on cloths. This association cover rural and urban area for the designing and printing surrounding the Jetpur.

Thane Belapur Industrial Association

Thane Belapur Industrial Association is open for the manufacturing industries, crafting platforms, real-estate industries, technical institutions, etc. This Industrial Association is for the Gujarat state in the Thane region.

Website: Thane Belapur Industrial Association


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