Field Sales Tracking Software

Field Sales Tracking Software is a solution that enables businesses to monitor and track the activities of their sales representatives who working in the field. It provides real-time visibility into salesperson locations, activities, and performance, facilitating better management and optimization of field sales operations.

Why do you need Field Sales Tracking Software?

Field sales teams often operate remotely. When Businesses did not use software like this it would challenge them to track their activities and monitor their productivity. Field Sales Tracking Software offers features such as live tracking that enable businesses to improve sales team coordination, enhance productivity, optimize territory coverage, and gain valuable insights for performance analysis and decision-making with features of live status checks of employees.

DelightERP provides advanced Field Sales Tracking Software that Effectively tracks and manages your field sales team with ease. Our software offers features like salesperson live tracking, detailed salesperson information, employee-wise tracking with filters based on department and designation, date-time-wise tracking, and the ability to check employee status. Simplify your field sales operations, improve sales team performance, and boost overall sales productivity.

Who needs Field Sales Tracking Software?

Industries that rely on field sales operations can benefit from Field Sales Tracking Software. This includes sectors such as retail, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, insurance, real estate, telecommunications, and logistics. Any business that has a sales team operating in the field and wants to ensure effective sales management and better customer engagement can benefit from implementing Field Sales Tracking Software.

Key Features

  • Live Tracking of Salesperson
  • Employee Information
  • Check the employee’s last location with track time
  • Employee-wise Tracking
  • Date/Time-wise Tracking
  • Dept and Designation Wise Filtering
  • Check Employee status – Active/De-Active

Benefits of Field Sales Tracking Software

  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Improved Sales Performance
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Ensuring quick responses to customer inquiries
  • Employee’s Information like name, mobile number, email, and designation allows businesses to manage and communicate with sales teams easily.
  • The last location of salespersons along with the track time helps to minimize travel time and expenses.
  • With employee-wise tracking, businesses can monitor the performance and activities of individual salespersons
  • Date/Time-Wise Tracking – This helps in analyzing productivity patterns, identifying peak performance periods of employees.
  • With Department and Designation Wise Filtering – It facilitates better insights into specific teams or roles.
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