How ERP Software is useful for Your Business?


Introduction Cloud Based ERP Software

Does many Question arise in your mind about the ERP Software on the basis of the Business like, What is Cloud Based ERP Software? How ERP is useful for small business? How does the ERP system work? And many more questions. Read ahead an clear all your question related to ERP.

The Enterprise Resource Planning platform, shortly known as an ERP, is software that is utilized by the companies to automate business processes as well as handling a large amount of data which can be tedious to handle manually. The ERP consists of various applications that are integrated to ease the tasks for lead management, human resource management, accounting, and calculations, etc.

This helps in creating an easy-going process for the employees who constantly work on maintaining the above-mentioned task. The employees and the higher authorities can now concentrate on the methods and processes to implement the growth of the business as most of the basic tasks are being covered by the features and functionalities of the ERP software.

It keeps a track of the resources, managing the database, sharing the data among the employees, etc. The execution of an ERP software can reduce the staff cost and efforts drastically, resulting in the increment of the budget to carry out business procedures.

What is ERP Software?

Just as the brain is for the human body, you can consider ERP for your business. As the brain has control over all the actions performed by the parts of the body, similarly the ERP is also a controller for various unavoidable tasks in an organization. Hence, just like the brain is an inseparable part of the human body, so is the ERP software for a company.

The areas covered by the ERP software can include the production of goods and manufacturing, sales, accounting, marketing, etc. The organization can see an inclination in the graph for the efficiency of employees, productivity, reduction in overall costs, and a spirit of surviving in this competitive environment.

Still, if you haven’t deployed ERP software in your organization and you are confused about what to opt for, whether go for a new ERP package installation, whether to update whatever older system is being used out, etc. then it is time that you at least have a glimpse of the importance of ERP software for the organization, and which ERP software you can deploy for your organization.

Updated ERP also comes along with online storage of data making the use of cloud-based solutions so that you can access the data anytime and anywhere you want. It enables an organization in increasing the abilities of employees in an organization, it is also useful in monitoring and controlling the business processes.

How does an Cloud ERP software system work?

An ERP uses a generalized and central database for the implementation of various business procedures for reducing the efforts of the employees doing it manually. ERP software provides the admin dashboard where the employees can have access to the dynamic data, which is being collected from all the departments to generate the analysis for measuring the productiveness and the profits.

For instance, the feature of the ERP software, supply chain management, will receive an order from the customer, immediately it will forward this notification to, say, for example, the inventory management feature so that it can compute necessary data and the order can be fulfilled on time.

Taking another example of the delivery of packages, the ERP can also be useful to track the inventory, shipping details, and process, etc.

In the absence of ERP software, the above procedure handled manually can be: the employee handling the supply chain, will take the order, look out for the person in the inventory and pass on the order to him. This almost takes a day. Again, the person sitting in the inventory will look out for the quantity required in the order, and after updating the manual registers, will pass the product again to supply management, and then the order will be dispatched. This whole task of checking for the right department, checking inventory, update for the records, etc.

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How ERP is important to your business?

The importance of an ERP system can be depicted from the following points:

1. Makes your business adjustable to changes

The system which response, works. ERP system is agile, which means it has features like flexibility, modularity, and scalability to adjust itself to the market changes as well as the changes seen in the needs of the customer.

Also, with customizing ERP packages, you can initially install the ERP with minimal features according to the requirements of the organization and later on, they can customize the software as per the changing needs of the organization. The software package won’t get affected by requirements, also there won’t be any change or removal of already existing functionalities.

2. Makes the environment productive and efficient

Handling data for all departments manually and centrally was a task that took a lot of time and effort for the employee associated with it. Hence, inefficiency and less productiveness were the major concerns for the employees of that organization and hence affected the overall development of the company. This is caused due to the errors in the spreadsheets created for storing and manipulating data, manual register entries for tracking the in and out activities of the employees, etc.

Hence, all these tasks have now been automated, the organization need not worry about the errors incurred and hence can observe in the increase in productivity as well as efficiency.

3. Effective cost-cutting

As discussed above, carrying out various tasks manually can require a number of employees in the organization, willing to work with more time and effort for the workload. Hence, this includes more amount of salary to be given to the employee and hence a reduction in the budget. This becomes huge when there are errors introduced in the tasks and hence there is a loss of remarkable time and effort.

Using ERP platforms in an organization, one can easily reduce the workload of an employee, apart from decreasing the numbest of recruitment too. If most of the tasks are automated, the cost, time, and efforts of the employee as well as the organization can be saved to the maximum extent.

4. Secure and authorized

The ERP implemented has deployed strong security models and also has denied the unauthorized users to access the platform.

Only the users having valid id and passwords can have access to the portal by logging in. Some of the ERP packages also come with the OTP features to create a two-step verification process.

Data security is a big concern when the ERP implemented in the organization can be accessed online too. This cloud-based service of ERP can have various threats like data loss and data leak. Hence, the security aspects like an end to end encryption, two-step verification, limiting the access of the platform to certain IP addresses only, etc. are some of the several measures that are taken by the ERP Team.

5. Extend your profession with various partnerships

When you purchase an ERP system, you can also get a chance to become partners with the service providers, in addition to the larger support community for the same.

This partnership can be advantageous to your company in the following manner:

The ERP service provider will help the organization in installing as well as deploying the software, it will also send a representative professional of the ERP development company for training the employees and also help solve issues faced by them through the support community for ERP.

Hence, you can build professional tie-ups with the ERP service providing company in this manner.

How successful ERP Software deployment helps business?

Have you ever considered why companies are implementing an ERP package a priority? Here are the primary advantages of an ERP deployment in the organization:

  • It can be useful for making the task of accounting as well as maintenance of the financial records easier than that manually handling those tasks and also the error rate has been decreasing with the use of an ERP system.
  • Gives real-time data to the owners anywhere and anytime, about the progress and the status of the ongoing scenario.
  • With the timely analysis report generation feature of ERP software, the business owners can now survive in the competitive and challenging atmosphere, never to miss out on any opportunities, making quicker decisions than before, etc. that leaves a huge impact on the business procedures.
  • With its automated tools and features, the manual and erroneous tasks can be fulfilled automatically in the ERP software, that too saving a lot of time and effort of the employee.
  • Provides a platform to automate the tasks using various tools like lead management system to manage the lead to the client conversion process. Using these tools, the productivity and efficiency of employees can be increased and can guide them to become successful in their job profile.
  • A single point of access to data storage enables data security, prevention from data loss, and also reduces the rate of errors being introduced in the data. Hence, the data can be stored in a central repository that is distributed to the authorized employees of the organization.
  • The cloud-based solution for the ERP enables the online execution of the same, where an employee can work on it whenever and wherever he wants to.
  • Reduced manual labor can also improve team performance on a project.
  • Communication with the stakeholders become easy using ERP software, as you can share the data whenever you want.

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In the above discussion, we tried to showcase the advantages of ERP software applicable to any organization and how it works. I hope this information helps you and will be used for the current scenario of various business methodologies which will help you throughout your business as well to grow your business along with an automated system of ERP.

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