How help production management software or ERP for small manufactures?

Production management software


Small manufacturing business is an essence in supply and demand of the products. They are demand specific and require a skill in making their product. For small manufacturing process the product may differ from one producer to another. They can take the help of various small machines for their production.  We very well know that enterprise resource software industry is dominant in present era. But how Production management software will be helpful to small manufacture?

The answer is; it’s extremely helpful.  Small manufacturers have their daily routine of manufacturing products. They process them and supply to the customers via any suitable medium.  Like there are many small scales manufacturing industry or business. First let us have a look on what they really do.

Small scale business could be any market specific. If you take the example of a small scale business say “Cats and Bows”. This is small business in which they manufacture bows and hairpin for ladies. There design is very good and highly liked by people.  They perform manual process of cutting the fabric and stitching it.  Because of perfection in their product and design along with variety of products their offer they have a very good business. These products are also exported to various countries like Canada, USA, and Australia etc.

Similarly if you look at a small business of manufacturing jewellery. They have skilled labors and machinery for performing their task. Their work depends upon the order they can get from other Jewelers. From that they do the jewellery manufacturing process. With so many calculation and management they then sell the product to customers.

Manufacturing ERP has application to small manufacturing processers. By this they can get cost effective solution along with lead generation.  This is very useful to small scale manufacturers for expanding their business at various national or international levels.

Following is the way how production management software can be helpful to small manufacturing business:

  • Taking order

Small scale manufacturing business can get order from various types of clients; they could be locally available, from phone number, from website information etc.

When one has Enterprise resource planning software for small production they help to integrate the process of taking orders from various groups of people. Production ERP can help to generate a bit link. This bit link is posted on various social media platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, website address etc. From here the inquiry form is filled by the customers and data can be stored in the production Management ERP system of the business owners.

This data is then process and filtered and one can get very useful information of the type of product the customers need.

All this data is then analysed for further processing. Like from the analysis one can come to know about the time period of the demand for a specific item. Some product demand can be seasonal. Others can have a source can be further analysed.

Like from the information available one can come to know that from one particular type of region, they have more demand of a specific thing. Example a production management ERP has all the data of orders from various states and foreign region. If the business of Shoe making then they can get all the information of the requirements based on region. People of Maharashtra are interested in a particular kind of design; same is not the case with people of Bengal and Kerala. They have their own liking for specific kind of design.

Some items are seasonal specific. In a business of embroidery clothes. During the time of Navratri they have more demand for traditional items then based on the data and history they can easily be prepared to serve all the demand of the clothes of different types.

ERP can also be design to have follow up of every customers. Suppose a company has 1500 customers. It is difficult to record all the specified things they want. Here manufacturing ERP provides and effective solution to record and analyse the follow up of various clients.

There is no mixing of information for any clients. Perfect solution to the problem can be resolved by the help of Manufacturing ERP software.

Thus Manufacturing ERP plays a very good and helpful role in getting orders and generating leads for the business.

  • Production process Management

In the production process there are various stages. In any company there can be more than two production process. There are a set of rules that are specific for specific process. Like if you take an example of production process of making wafers. In this specific kind of potatoes are used. They are fried at a specific temperature and made crispy by using different technique. All this differ from company to company. One can set software for calculating all this and managing the process.  One parameter is set and if there is any error that can be notified.

Like for the production of manufacturing of hair oil with different kinds of ayurvedic herbs.  A small scale manufacturing company for the process of hair oil manufacturing hair oil uses Manufacturing process ERP. First they need all the contents used in the production of hair oil. Many of the ingredients need to get processed in making final product. Manufacturing ERP here has a set of information installed in to it in processing information for product. When the actual process starts, with prior set up of the process, step by step all the things are monitored by the software. Whole process also has sub processes.

So here step by step instructions are laid down. The people engaged in the manufacturing process get to know clearly of what is the next step.  With awareness of the things to be carried out along with calculative figures a full set of control is established over the manufacturing process. Each item is monitored and analysis is carried out. Time taken for each step along with quality testing can be done.

All such information helps to get a central idea of what would be the outcome based on the input value. In case of high demand company can now easily manage the production process hassle free.

  • Automation in Production Process

At different stages there is manual work that is carried out by the laborer’s. Here the company can provide software solution and make some automation in manufacturing process.

Like for example during the process of manufacturing Wafers, different temperature can be set by the software and this will affect in the production process. This was earlier done by people, is now automatically managed by the software. This provides cost effective solution to the company.

It could be onetime expense for configuring software but other silent expense can get cut by production management ERP.

  • Result entry and analysis

Final product once made has a lot of information recorded with it. From start time of the process, till the end product various things are automatically or manually recorded. The end product is of what kind of quality can also be recorded.  Based on the information set in the system during the configuration we can further analyse the product quality.

All of this data is then entered into the system. So our final product result of quality and quantity wise can be carried out.

Now based on the type of demand we can differentiate the products. All this can be used to match the demand needed to our clients. Thus the gap between supply and demand can be filled.

Like for example detergent manufacturing business. Here there are different needs based on the product variety offered by the company.  Detergent is used to wash clothes. If just by using small amount of detergent with high foam we can clean the clothes, then it’s one type of detergent. Similarly by using more detergent and getting foams then its second type of detergent.  This difference is because of the content used to make different type of detergent.

Here as we can get more than one or two products. Then based on the demand of that product we can give them as per their requirements.

This way we can effectively manage production looking at sales data and generate more revenue.

  • Final product with barcode

Once the product is made then we need to deliver it to the correct address. It’s also a part of manufacturing production ERP.

Here based on the configuration of the setting in the ERP one can also generate Barcode. Here integration of barcode system with other software can be done.

When the final product is made then quickly companies makes a move to send it to customers. For this they may use the barcode system. We can see in supermarket that most of the products do have a barcode in their packaging. It could be used in pricing, but here we can use it for safe delivery process.

On the other hand clients can also scan the barcode and get information about the product and its specification.

  • Everything global

Production ERP helps the business to get it recognized globally. How? Well there are various links generated by using manufacturing Process ERP. Like in inquiry we get data from social media platform as facebook. This websites can be seen globally. So all over the world people do know the company name.(those visiting websites)

Along with this manufacturing ERP bridges the gap between demand and supply.  This helps the business owner to expand their product to global level. When the product is good business owner always tries to expand their company. They can market themselves globally through social media. ERP system can fetch information from various forms and further process can be carried out.

  • Work without Error

We have seen that at every stage the manufacturing process ERP can set the data and instruction to the system.  No mixing up of data or information can occur. Through we can get accurate result of our product. This is very useful in satisfying clients with our products. With zero or less error companies can make more profits. The non performing asset can be checked and sold. This can only happen if we have all the information about our company and analysed data is set. We can come the know about unwanted items that can be removed from the system.

By this also we can create space for new things and error less work can be carried out.


Production management ERP provides an effective solution to the small manufacturing business owners. They can easily handle complex process and also systematically carry out the work. By this they not only make quality products but also can reduce the error that was created when they did manual work.

This creates more confidence to the business owners and even sales of the company’s increases.

With whatever variation required company can generate quality goods and may get global expansion of their business. All  of the above are used to increase revenue and make a better financial position.


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