What are Process Manufacturing Challenges Will ERP Software Solve?

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ERP Software is used to manage the production process manufacturing. Through the ERP software businesses or manufacturers easily manage their works or tasks. 

Process Manufacturing faced some kind of problems which were solved via the Enterprise Resource Planning system. When manufacturers properly handle all their tasks, then businesses increase their profits and easily provide the best customer services. 

In the production process, manufacturers have to handle the planning, raw material management, employees relationship, customer relationship, quality consistency, reporting, etc. Without any use of software, the production process becomes difficult to manage. Because of that they use the ERP system to handle the whole production process and complete the production on time. 

Companies or manufacturers use different software to manage their production or entire processes then the process becomes costly and time-consuming. Because of that, they use a single platform through which they can handle their entire work. 

Several production companies have faced various problems to handle the whole process. That’s why they have difficulties increasing their sales. Production companies used ERP systems to overcome various problems, which are time-saving and cost-effective also, help to solve the challenges of the process manufacturers.  

What is Process Manufacturing?

Process manufacturing is a production method of manufacturing food, chemical, consumer packaged goods, etc. Process manufacturing management is common in all manufacturing industries. Process manufacturing is associated with recipes, blends, variable ingredients, identification of part, measurement of weight. 

Process manufacturing follows the recipes and formulas that can not be broken down at the end of the production cycle. 

Process manufacturing market include: 

— Food and Beverage

— Oil and Gas

— Medicines

— Cosmetics or beauty products

— Plastics

— Metal

For process manufacturing, industries or companies need ERP software. An ERP system must be deployed in the cloud system. Without an ERP system handling the Process, Manufacturing is going to be difficult to handle the whole process. 

Which challenges do Process Manufacturers face? 

Manufacturers faced several challenges/difficulties during the process of product manufacturing without the use of ERP manufacturing software. 

1. Lack of Proper Data / Information

Every industry or company needs to do proper paperwork and handle the data of stocks, customers, employees, etc. Without any help from software to manage the data, it will become difficult to manage.

When storing the data or information in the paper it will be time-consuming and costly and human error is also reflected. Industries can’t keep data up-to-date and it is not possible to keep daily information. 

2. Ensuring Inventory Control

Manufacturing companies need proper inventory control. Proper inventory means manufacturing manages the proper supply chain management. 

Companies need proper visibility of inventory in the production line, inventory present in warehouses at different locations, etc. In the end, companies face the problem of managing stocks.

3. Low Employee Productivity 

Successful companies have successful employees; Every employee has to do their task for the production process in the companies. Without any software employees did their routine tasks, keep the data on paper, follow-ups, generate reports, etc. This task is time-consuming and not even value-added.  

4. Costs handling 

Companies or industries have an important goal to increase their profits. If the business needs to increase their profits then they have to manage their cost. Without ERP software companies need to put their whole efforts to keep watch on various costs like raw materials, maintenance, insurances, employee salary, etc. Less cost ratio and high sales ratio then companies increase their profits. 

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5. Lack of Supply Chain Management 

Supply chain management ensures the right product to the right place, at the right price with the right quantity. If the employees make a mistake to manage the supply chain management then the profit ratio of companies will decrease. 

6. Specific Reports 

Reports of sales, accounts, profits, sales, etc are important for the companies or industries. If the companies or manufacturing industries didn’t analyze the report then they never improved their sales strategies. Generate the report without any help from the software then it takes time and gets the reports with the errors. 

7. Lack of planning 

Proper planning and managing schedules is a sign of a successful business. But admin or employees have several tasks to perform, because of that, they didn’t memorize the whole schedule without any reminders or notifications. In the end, production is not complete in time and customers get disappointed. 

8. Products constancy 

Consumers need constancy in their products. Process manufacturing faces the challenge to maintain the quality and value of the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. These products need consultancy for safety. Without the Testing Software companies didn’t figure out the product’s constancy. 

9. Difficulties to provide the customer services 

Customers are attracted to the companies where they get the best services. A sales team of the manufacturer faced the difficulties of managing the customers or taking time to solve the problem of customers regarding the products. Because the sales team had difficulties finding particular customer details. 


How does ERP software solve process Manufacturing challenges? 

Process Manufacturing industries manage the production process. ERP software helps to reduce the workflow and complete the production on time with product uniformity. 

1. Proper Data / Information 

With the help of ERP software companies or industries get the proper data or information about customers, sales, stocks, etc. Through current data, the sales team provides the best customer services and maintains the old customer trust. In short, data or information is smoothly stored by the production companies. 

2. Inventory Control 

Companies need the proper inventory control to increase profits because industries or businesses use the enterprise resources planning system to manage the inventory. With the help of the ERP system, companies get a proper overview of inventory in the production line, inventory present in warehouses at different locations, etc.

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3. Employee Productivity 

  • The ERP system admin assigns the task to the employee manually. 
  • Notification, alerts build the communication with the employees with ERP
  • ERP speeds up the process and reduces cycle time. 
  • ERP automatically generates reports and keeps the data. That’s why employees save this time. 

4. Reducing Costs

Companies track the stock with the help of ERP software. Through this feature, the admin reduced the wastage of stock. Also, ERP through companies manages the salary, insurances, bills, raw material, operational cost, etc. If the production industries reduce their cost then it helps to increase their profits. 

5. Supply Chain Management 

ERP systems help to manage the supply chain system. Companies easily handle the whole production process starting from the raw material to delivering the final products to the customers. Supply chain management is an essential part of a successful business and gives customers satisfaction. 

6. Automatic Generate Reports 

Reports are important for businesses or manufacturers to analyze sales. ERP software provides the feature to get the reports easily. ERP software automatically generates the reports and helps to increase sales and attract new customers. Through reports, companies improve their strategies. 

7. Planning & Schedule  

ERP software memorized the whole schedule and they give the reminder to the employees or admin as per the schedule. Admin easily did their planning to arrange the meeting and employee tasks. 

8. Check the Product consistency 

Companies check product consistency via ERP software. Because checking the product consistency is necessary for the process manufacturing industries. With product consistency companies maintain customer trust in their products. Also, companies grab the new customers’ attention to purchase the products. 

9. Customer Services 

ERP software stores the data of the customer, what they purchase, contact details, and history. With the help of all the details, the sales team easily provides the solution to the customer’s problem regarding the products. Sometimes customers pay more for the best customer service. Customer service is necessary for a successful company. 

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Process manufacturing faced several changes but with the help of ERP, system manufacturers solved their problems. ERP provides various features to manage the workload with a single software. If they didn’t use any software then manufacturers face difficulties. Process manufacturers use ERP software to maintain their workflow to complete the production at the time and earn customer satisfaction. 


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