Importance of Production Planning & Production Control

Importance of Production Planning & Production Control

Why Production Planning and Control is Importance?

Looking at the Role and Importance of Production Planning and Control for any organization, industry, and company, We know that planning is the essential process of any organization, whether it is doing business, manufacturing unit, or anything else. Especially in a manufacturing unit without it, you cannot take a single action if you want a clear result of what you are producing.

The term production planning and control refers to the manufacturing unit, we all have done a lot of planning in various ways to undermine the creation of our own strategy.

Here, Production Planning means that we need to produce for specific production units as well as how much we need to produce on a specific time frame.

Production control refers to some exceptional techniques to get maximum results from productions and production planning strategies.

There were several production planning and control objectives.

Inventory management

When you go with Production Planning and control, your inventory management work will get narrower and you will get optimal inventory management results.

Utilization of Resources


Planning, scheduling, controlling make your resource utilized at a regular interval and you can easily manage yours throughout the manufacturing process.

Quality & Quantity

It makes your quantity available on production time along with it also focuses on quality to manufacture good equipment.

Targeting Demand & People

It also does take care of the demand and supply of particular units while manufacturing the products and items.

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Now let’s discuss the Important of purchase management, Quality Control & Production Estimate Time in production planning and control.

Purchase Management

• The first goal of buying control is to get the right quantity of substances for manufacturing to keep uninterrupted.

• Maintaining the aggressive role of the enterprise with the aid of using preserving a superb great requirement similar to the ones of competitors

• Implement the maximum positive approach of buy to make sure the easy transport of substances from providers and to keep away from the danger of any warfare of economic loss

Quality Control

Quality control measures the quality of the product which is manufactured by a particular unit, it ensures that the manufacturing bug is eliminated or improves the quality of products.

• It also takes care of the specific products to ensure that the quality of the products is maintained and improved likewise in the future.

• Testing, sampling, and similar activity is also performing along with this to make sure that final products will be healthy and easy to use.

• There were several methods are there to measure the quality of manufacturing via quality control known as the Taguchi method, Randomly Selection, etc…

Production Estimate Time

• Production estimations time depends on the production schedule and it identifies that what you have produced when you have produced, and how much quantity or unit.

• It took production schedule to ensure products produced in a timely manner along with capacity which they have identified on the process of routing.

• It also looks into the matter of bill times and material along with the production planning and control unit to manufacture the item with the best results ever.

How we can utilize Productions planning and control in the manufacturing unit to get the best results?

Basically this both works on a parallel basic to ensure that demand and supply meet the deadline along with every product is available when it needed. For that, you also need to go with several phases which are described below.

Routing & Scheduling

Routing is the one time process that is doing control of the production unit, it takes care of every process and making sure those specific operations are designed and go according to plan carefully.

On completion of Routing, Scheduling determines the time to complete the specific activity of the production unit.

Loading & Dispatching

Loading checks the efficiency of the resources and it also checks the supports and helps if needed while throughout the process of manufacturing.

Dispatching is the real hero of this process, here actual production units are started which we have planned previously.

Follow Up & Inspection

Follow up make sure that your units, products, resources, and everything is going well according to the planned activity. Inspection refers to the quality standard along with audits of the particular process to make sure that it maintains the quality of products.

Correction and Feedback

Feedback and correction are both relevant to each other and it comes into the pictures when following up and inspections have been done to check if is there any mistake in the whole process to correct them, or given feedback for the same for future manufacturing reference.

Great Significance of Production Planning and Control

Utilization of Resources

By utilizing resources in production planning and control you will get High ROI (Return on Investment)

Steady Flow

The flow of the all machine worked in the same manner to maintain a steady flow of the productions and units.

Production Resources and Estimations

Productions and sales are related to each other the goal of the productions is to meet the sales, so planning and estimations is help to get a perfect estimate of man powers, energy, space, and everything.

Stock Level & Updates

When you have planned every activity with production Planning and Controlling, you don’t need to waste your energy on the overstocking and understocking issue, because it is also made sure that necessary stock is maintained in a timely manner.

Departmental Activity Coordination’s

It also helps while coordination’s of the different departments in a single unit, which results in higher sales and good profit.

Resource Wastage

Production planning and controlling the use of efficient raw material and resources which helps to minimize raw material wastage and man powers.

Manpower Utilization

By pre-activity and training via production planning, you can utilize good intense manpower in your whole process to utilize maximum labor efficiency.

Quality and Satisfaction

Productions planning and Controlling helps in line and regular delivery of goods and services which maintain relations with the customers and your brand along with satisfaction from both sides, So by implementing these things you will definitely get satisfaction and standards as well via your manufacturing unit and products.

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